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Redwood Ops
Outdoor Tactical Laser Tag

A Koinonia Adventure

Redwood Ops Tactical Laser Tag is not your typical laser tag!  It's an adrenaline packed forest adventure in the Santa Cruz Mountains!


We bring the best in video games to life!

Redwood Ops team based competitions combine fun, skill, strategy, and teamwork! Unlike paintball and air soft, beginners can easily compete and have fun immediately.  Plus no paint, no pain, no goggles and no bulky gear - just adrenaline-packed adventure!


The perfect event for your group- Youth Groups, Corporate Team Bonding, Birthday Parties, School, Sports Teams, Missions Teams, Day Camps and more



Test your limits with exciting team-based competition



Two hours of action packed fun starts at just $40 per player



Easy to use, immediate game action for beginners and pros

Our tactical laser tag differs greatly from traditional laser tag people are used to. Tactical laser tag is designed to be like playing "Call of Duty" live.

  • All games are team based.

  • Players have 70 hit points, and their taggers are armed with a machine gun, a sniper rifle and a flame thrower. 

  • Each weapon has its own sound effects, does different amounts of damage, different amounts of ammo and different reload times.

  • The taggers give you real time feedback when you tag someone or if you've been tagged.

  • There are medic boxes at each team's base which can reactivate you if you've been deactivated. 

  • There are mystery boxes which you can use to randomly select a new weapon.

  • The equipment is all professional grade with metal exteriors and red dot scopes. 

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